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Image: Tuala Hjarnø/Copenhagen Media Center

29 May 2010

If you're travelling as a group, renting an apartment for the week of the conference might be a good idea.

HAY4YOU offers short term rentals in the center of Copenhagen. Minimum stay is 7 days and you can't book earlier than 8 weeks before arrival. Rates for 3 bedroom apartments start at DKK 6.000 per week.

Airbnb has a list of private apartments available for short term rental.

The Adina Apartment Hotel Copenhagen offers 2 bedroom apartments. It is located north of downtown Copenhagen, further from the venue than the other hotels and hostels.

Other options:

I'm posting this reply on

27. July 2010 - 22:15

I'm posting this reply on behalf of Hay4you:

We find the critic mentioned on this page unfair as we have been nothing but helpful and kind to all participants who have contacted us.
In this specific case the participant still had two apartments to choose between and we were looking for other alternatives simultaneously.

Kind regards,

My experience with HAY4YOU

12. July 2010 - 12:27

My experience with HAY4YOU was well below expectations. I emailed them with my enquiry, they responded several hours later with 3 suitable places. I replied within minutes and during business hours requesting one of the properties. 24 hours later HAY4YOU responded telling me the place has gone and that they would get back to me with another similar place. I haven't heard back from HAY4YOU since Friday lunchtime (Danish time). I'm now booked through the hotel booking service.