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Sponsorship Information

3 June 2010

The Drupalcon team thanks you for making the decision to sponsor this great conference.

Updated June 3rd, 2010

Payment Options

You can pay your invoice via wire transfer, credit card, or check. We highly prefer payment via wire transfer.

Credit Cards

Please contact our friendly accountants ( if you would like to pay your invoice with a credit card.

Wire Transfers

Account holder: Drupal vzw
Bank: KBC Bank NV Havenlaan 2 1080 Brussels, Belgium
Account number:
IBAN: BE57 7330 3960 5635
BIC: KREDBEBB 733-0396056-35


c/o Daniel Finnerty
San Francisco Office:
300 Beale St, Suite 101
San Francisco, CA 94105

Invoice Terms/Conditions

As a sponsor you are what makes this conference happen and we rely upon your sponsorship to make this conference rock. Please note the following terms and conditions on sponsorship:

Invoices are due according to the due date listed on your invoice.
Payments are acceptable but they do not extend the invoice due date. Please contact your sales associate to discuss this option.
A late payment fee will be added to all outstanding balances past the invoice due date. Late payment fees are assessed monthly at an annual rate of 10% (calculated as .02739% per day)on the outstanding amount of the invoice.
Bank fees outside of our control related to declined or returned checks, declined credit cards, or other revoked payments will be added to your outstanding balance.
All invoice amounts are in EUR unless otherwise stated.
As a reminder you have agreed to sponsor Drupalcon and we are relying on your sponsorship. If you decide to not pay this invoice and we have to resort to collection efforts you agree that all costs associated with collecting debts, including attorneys' fees and court costs, will be paid by you. This is, of course, a last resort for us so please contact us as soon as possible if you need extra time to pay your sponsorship.
Thank you again for sponsoring Drupalcon. We value you as a sponsor and welcome your feedback and comments. If you have any questions please contact your Sales Associate or our friendly Accountants (