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18 June 2010

Introducing Drupal

If you're new to Drupal, whether a developer trying to figure Drupal out or a decision maker wishing to learn whether Drupal is right for your next project, this this is the track for you.

We'll cover all of the basics. And try to get you ready for some of the other tracks — and ready to choose Drupal!

*Track chair: Boris Doesborg*

Theming, Design & Usability

This is the track for those of you who focus on usability, UX, web design and theming. Sessions might include: "2010 web design trends", "HTML and CSS hacks" or "How to make a usable comment form".

So if you wish to touch up on your theming skills or want to know about Drupal and HTML5, join us!
*Track chair: Roy Scholten*

Code & Development

Code in core and code in contribution. This track is where you go to get to know more about code architecture, new technologies and visions. This could be anything from an "Introduction to OOP in D7" to "Varnish configuration" to a "how to match MongoDB and Drupal" - session. Sessions about code-based performance enhancements fit in this track as well.
*Track chair: Gábor Hojtsy*

Configuration, Set-Up & Performance

If you want to know how much you can do without coding a single line (which is a lot), come to this track. This track will feature sessions about Drupal configuration in general and how to set up a site using modules like Views, Panels, CCK and others. We will also cover some tips on how to configure your site to perform optimally.
*Track chair: Florian Loretan*

Drupal for Business

This track, designed for entrepreneurs, decision makers, project managers or e-commerce developers, will look at case studies and teach about adopting Drupal as a solution for business.
*Track chair: Jakub Suchy*

Providing Professional Drupal Services

This track is for professionals who wish to improve their service offerings for business: whether it be design, theming, development, integration, hosting, or something else. Learn about marketing, requirements gathering, contract negotiation, project planning, project management, staging, productification, software as service, training, support, and much more.
*Track chair: Thomas Barregren*