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24. August 2010

18 VPS.NETArchitecting a Drupal Site: From Composition to CompletionJon Skulski
10 PropeopleWelcome to DrupalJeffrey A. McGuire
11 MicrosoftDrupal Commerce: Setting up Shop on Drupal 7Ryan Szrama
12 TrellonDrupal Security for Coders and ThemersPeter Wolanin
20 ValhallaDrupal Distributions: The Dos and Don’tsIrakli Nadareishvili
19 AcquiaHipHop for PHP - an introductionScott MacVicar
18 VPS.NETThe Drupal Distro for Publishers - OpenPublishIrakli Nadareishvili
19 AcquiaAbout the Rules EcosystemWolfgang Ziegler
20 ValhallaPropeople sponsored session: Propeople: behind the sceneDrejer
10 PropeopleThe State of DrupalDries Buytaert
12 TrellonDrupal: The Next GenerationLarry Garfield
10 PropeopleThe Future of Drupal.orgLisa Rex
20 ValhallaTheme Preprocess Functions: an IntroductionCarl Wiedemann
19 AcquiaSee Through Their Eyes: How to Anticipate The Needs of Your ClientsStuart Broz
11 MicrosoftVarnish HTTP cache server - by Poul-Henning KampPoul-Henning Kamp
18 VPS.NETUse case - on DrupalEric Johnson
10 PropeopleDrupal 7: What you need to knowAngela Byron
18 VPS.NETDrupal Security - Configuration and ProcessBen Jeavons
11 MicrosoftDesigning UI with SevenMark Boulton
19 AcquiaA method for getting early estimates rightJakob Persson
12 TrellonMongoDB - Humongous Drupalchx
20 ValhallaWhat have you done for me lately? What Microsoft is doing to make Drupal betterMark Brown
20 ValhallaDon't design websites. Design web SYSTEMS!Todd Nienkerk
18 VPS.NETBuilding Scalable, High Performance Drupal Sites in the CloudBarry Jaspan
12 TrellonAdvanced DrushMoshe Weitzman
19 AcquiaThe Drupal Process - Great Projects, No Slavery RequiredVesa Palmu
10 PropeopleIntroduction to the Semantic Web and RDF in Drupal 7Lin Clark
11 Microsoft10 Reasons why you should be using features for your Drupal projectFlorian Loretan
10 PropeopleBuilding Content Types and Displaying ContentRyan Szrama
19 AcquiaTeaching DrupalDiana Montalion Dupuis
12 TrellonDebugging Drupal: Hands-on techniquesRandy Fay
11 MicrosoftAwesomeness redefined: Drupal7 Themingmortendk
18 VPS.NETAwesome graphs and statistics with Drupal and gRaphaëlMikkel Høgh
20 ValhallaLightning talks

25. August 2010

10 PropeopleDrupal Rights and ResponsibilitiesKen Rickard
11 MicrosoftFrom a html/css template to a Drupal themeHans Rossel
12 TrellonDrupal 7 entities and fields ... transitioning to D7Kevin Bridges
18 VPS.NETCase study: on NodeStream - a Drupal distribution for newspapers and magazinesThomas Barregren
19 AcquiaGo real-time with PubSubHubbub and FeedsAlex Barth
20 ValhallaSEO for Drupal 6 & 7Ben Finklea
19 AcquiaSemantic TaxonomiesJohannes Wehner
18 VPS.NETCommunicating Drupal visuallyHeather James
20 ValhallaTrellon sponsored session: Making Drupal Scale: How Earth Day Handled 80 Million Hits in 2 DaysMichael Haggerty
10 PropeopleDrupal performanceRasmus Lerdorf
18 VPS.NETMapping in Drupal with OpenLayersAlan Palazzolo
12 TrellonApache Solr Search MasteryPeter Wolanin
19 AcquiaNode Access in Drupal 7Ken Rickard
11 MicrosoftWhat you need to know about grids that 960 won't teach youMark Boulton
20 ValhallaOn the importance of DONE: Scrum and Drupal at the EconomistEzra Barnett Gildesgame
10 PropeopleIntroduction to internationalization in Drupal 7Olivier Jacquet
10 PropeopleCome for the software, stay for the community - how Drupal improves and evolvesGábor Hojtsy
11 MicrosoftDesign for Drupal: A Template Approach - Cut Your Design Time Down By 200%Nica Lorber
18 VPS.NETA foundation for change - Drupal on topThomas Angermann
19 AcquiaDrupal project management tools: time to build our own dogfoodKristof Van Tomme
12 TrellonFor every site, a .make fileJeff Miccolis
20 ValhallaLightning talks – open mic
18 VPS.NETTranslation Management for the EnterpriseAmir Helzer
11 MicrosoftDisplay Suite - central and clean administration of your object displaysKristof De Jaeger
20 ValhallaDrupal Performance: Then, now, and the future of a speedy Drupal site.slantview
12 TrellonDrupal making newsChristian Schmidt
19 AcquiaCreating better solutions through incremental changeRasmus Frey
10 PropeopleViews: The Key to the Drupal CastleEzra Barnett Gildesgame
10 PropeopleConnect Drupal.Bèr Kessels
12 TrellonUse SimpleTest!Karsten Frohwein
19 AcquiaPanel: Managing a Drupal consulting firmTodd Nienkerk
18 VPS.NETSharpen your Axe- How We Reduced Development Time by more than 80%Richard Jones
20 ValhallaBuilding Conference & Event Websites in Drupal with CODEzra Barnett Gildesgame
11 MicrosoftAll your HTML are Belong to us #2.5 Revenge of the Markupmortendk

26. August 2010

12 TrellonWordPress is better than Drupal: developers take note.Jennifer Lea Lampton
20 ValhallajQuery: Small Library, big EffectsChristophe
18 VPS.NETA sprint in the life of a highly agile Drupal development organization.Jacob Singh
11 MicrosoftBe a happier Drupal developer with RulesJohan Falk
19 AcquiaAdd a mobile version to your Drupal siteMartin Joergensen
10 PropeopleDrupal Gardens: The fastest way to create a gorgeous Drupal 7 siteBryan House
18 VPS.NETLesser-known Drupal 7Damien Tournoud
19 AcquiaTheming the EnterpriseJen Simmons
20 ValhallaAcquia sponsored session: Accelerating Drupal Adoption through SaaS, Distros and moreDries Buytaert
10 PropeopleThe Design of HTML5Jeremy Keith
10 PropeopleThe Command Line is your friendAddison Berry
19 AcquiaResponsive Webdesign - Drupal ThemingKristof Orts
20 ValhallaCreating a generic platform for a national media company : showcaseCédric Perronnet
11 MicrosoftAegir - one Drupal to rule them all!Adrian Rossouw
18 VPS.NETDrupal Performance Boost SolutionsWelin Welchev
12 TrellonGit FundamentalsSam Boyer
12 TrellonViews 3Daniel Wehner
18 VPS.NETBackstage with Drupal localizationGábor Hojtsy
10 Propeople15 Modules to help you build a community website.Adrien Baumann
11 MicrosoftInside Pantheon: Pressflow, Hudson and Varnish, Oh My!Josh Koenig
19 AcquiaImaginary users can save your Drupal siteJ-P Stacey
20 ValhallaHosting Drupal in the cloud: How your site can benefit from the power of the cloud by
19 AcquiaWriting Better CSS for DrupalMaarten Verbaarschot
18 VPS.NETDeveloping Apps for iPhone/iPad/Android using drupal as Base SystemSumit Kataria
12 TrellonGroup (the new Organic groups) -- Building social networks in Drupal 7Amitai Burstein
11 MicrosoftA survey of rich multimedia in Drupal 7Jacob Singh
10 PropeopleHow to Manage Your Cloud by DrupalYas Naoi
20 ValhallaShowcase - Drupal powers sports (and more) at France TelevisionsAlexandre Bulté