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Connect Drupal.

Albrecht Dürers 'The Men's Bath'. Drop Drupal in the Virtual bath and let connect and share. Relax.
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Connect Drupal.

Day:  Wednesday, 25. august 2010
Time:  17:15-18:00
45 minutes (+15 minutes Q&A)



Ever came across a Drupal-project, where data was not simply inserted into Drupal forms and printed as HTML-pages? Where you wanted to:

  • Pull data into Drupal, that lives on a remote service? Such as data in, say, Facebook, or on a RESTfull NoSQL database.
  • Use statuses, information or authentication over the web? Such as XMPP statuses, XMLRPC information, OAuth.
  • Push data into remote services? For example when you use Drupal to manage the data in a remote service.
  • Use Drupal to offer your own services and API's? Such as content in your Drupal database made available for use in other sites.

In the session we will walk trough common pitfalls, successfull approaches and best practices.
The approach is pragmatic, so we look at how to get connected in hours, rather then design for weeks. Agile and rapid use of Drupal, with the option to dive into, say, synchronisation problems, later in your project. We look at what Drupal can offer, and what parts you will need to build yourself.
We discuss the edge cases, when it might not be a good idea to use Drupal in the first place and when Drupal is a great help and kickstarter.

But most of all, we look at some successfull, interesting examples where I used Drupal to connect to a NoSQL couchdb service (and fetch some information there). Where we pull data from a central (cinema) ticketing system, to fill Drupal-nodes, and a case where I use Drupal as a user-interface to fill a RESTfull none-drupal datababase.

And I will not use the word cloud. Promised :)


Cool, can't wait for it to

1. July 2010 - 7:52

Cool, can't wait for it to start :)