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Birds of a Feather

Image by natursyn

29 June 2010

Birds of a Feather flock together. This is the proverb that inspired the name for these gatherings of like-minded developers and users. We'll just use the acronym BoF and you can expect to hear that a lot when you come to DrupalCon.

BoF sessions are an ideal venue for discussing topics not covered by the main conference sessions. These sessions usually serve as starting points for some of the most interesting conversations and collaborations of the conference.

If you have an idea for a BoF session, you can add it to the schedule right now. If your proposed session wasn't selected for the official program, you can edit it and add it to the BoF schedule instead. We do ask that you adapt your session to fit the BoF format. Think discussion instead of lecture.

During the conference, we'll keep an updated list of BoF sessions on a board in the lobby. We have set aside space to run several simultaneous BoF sessions. Talk to the BoF-master on duty to schedule your session. We'll do our best to keep the physical board and the website in sync.

Learn more about the origin of BoFs at Wikipedia.