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Power plugs and prepaid phone cards

Image by Paul Capewell

5 August 2010

Power plugs

Denmark uses the "Type C" power plug commonly used in Europe. You should be aware that in Denmark it is difficult to find a converter that will convert your kind of power plug into the one used here. This is due to some electronics import law. So if you need an adapter, make sure you get it before you leave. More information is available at

Prepaid phone cards

If you would like to make sure that you can call cheaper within Denmark or have data on your phone for a reasonable price while you are in Copenhagen, you could get a prepaid SIM card. They range from DKK 100 to about DKK 200 to get the card and most of them have minutes included in that price. You do not need a Danish address to get one - you can just go to one of the shops from the companies listed below. There are also a number of online deals, but that may be a little more difficult for foreigners because the physical SIM card needs to be mailed to an address. Your phone will probably need to be free of a SIM lock.

Mobile broadband

The same carriers as listed above sell limited-time-broadband too. Prices vary, but you can get a limited-time deal for about the same price as the prepaid phone cards.

You can find shops all over Copenhagen. This map includes Amager (the island the venue is on) and the centre.

View Phone shops in Copenhagen in a larger map

Telia offers a 30-day plan

25. August 2010 - 0:27

Telia offers a 30-day plan that can be bought be a Danish resident, then immediately cancelled (but is good for the 30 days) - but you can get voice & data for a price that's sorta-comparable to a pre-paid SIM. All the other companies have minimum 6-month plans.

The descriptions is somehow

19. August 2010 - 9:46

The descriptions is somehow confusing. Because In Spain and Finland we have Type C and it's not at all like the picture. (btw, funny pic :D)

When it says: Denmark uses the "Type C" power plug commonly used in Europe.
Should say: Denmark uses the "Type K" power plug, compatible with "Type C, E and F" commonly used in Europe.

That's what I understood from this wikipedia section.

Could someone confirm this?

Also, this type K plug socket

17. August 2010 - 13:14

Also, this type K plug socket can accept type C ungrounded plugs - the "Europlug" - according to Wikipedia:

so don't worry about getting an adapter to fit the earth pin semicircle at the bottom.

Change the image above..

10. August 2010 - 15:18

Change the image above.. People will think that is the power plug used in Denmark. Cool photo though :)

I'd suggest something like: