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  • Bart Feenstra

    Scholarship & trainings organiser
    I organise the scholarships and help coordinate the commercial trainings and volunteers.
  • Bo Arlind

    Has gathered the must awesome support team for Your requests, and kicking their rear end for quick answers.
  • Camilla Krag Jensen

    Website and communication person
    I help out in the communication team and the website team
  • Cary Gordon

    Conference organizer
  • Crystal Williams

  • Gábor Hojtsy

    Core developer summit organiser
  • Isabell Schulz

    Project Manager
  • Jack Ha

    International Media Partners
    I work with international media and press to spread the word of Drupalcon.
  • Jacob Redding

    Drupal Association
  • Jens Beltofte

    The coordinator of the website team.
  • Johannes Wehner

    Scandinavian media partners
    I try to reach out to Scandinavian media
  • Kristof Van Tomme

    Track chair organiser
  • Lars S. Linnet

    Playing around with that thing called web!
  • Lisa Rex

    Sponsorships assistant
  • Luke McCormick

    International sponsorships
  • Marek Sotak

    Trainings organiser
  • Mikkel Høgh

    Manages the session programme, helps out with the website, represents Drupal Danmark, yells at, etc.
  • Morten Wulff

    I write blog posts, tweets, and content for the website, and generally help out wherever I can.
  • mortendk

    The King of the rock - graphic dude & self proclaimed Drupal Roadie.
  • Ole Toubro

    Support and stuff
    I help out where it is needed. Until now that means answering support questions, creating äwesome videos, posting on facebook... and a lot of other stuff :)
  • Rasmus Frey

    Scandinavian sponsorships
    I will fulfill any request from our sponsors! I aim to please the sponsors that help make the event possible.
  • Rasmus Luckow-Nielsen

    Speaker Organizer
    Organizing the keynote speakers
  • Robert Douglass

    Track chair organiser
  • Simon Elliott

  • Stephanie Canon