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Core developer summit

Image by Morten Wulff

26 July 2010

On Sunday, August 22nd, we present the Core developer summit at DrupalCon Copenhagen 2010. We invite all current and future core contributors to join us for a meetup where the main focus will be on improving Drupal core.

While DrupalCon has many possibilities for coding, this event is special in that talk is gold too. You can bring your ideas without the need to present them in full patch form (especially if your ideas do not involve core code changes). The summit is an ideal chance for you to get feedback on any visions you have for the future of Drupal core, or the future of core contribution processes.

This is the place to be involved in architectural discussions, kickstart new ideas, meet core developers and solve conflicts and disagreements. Nothing is more valuable then working in person. If you are new to core development, this is the best place to meet current contributors and integrate yourself in the discussions.

The core developer summit will start at 9am on Sunday, August 22nd. After a brief meet and greet session, we will go over the program and the goals for the day. We plan to provide space for two groups: people discussing changes to our code and processes as well as people interested to move Drupal 7 closer to release.

Three shorts sessions will open the day. Dries Buytaert presents for the Drupal 7 focus group and Sam Boyer and Jen Simmons presents about core and process improvements. Jen talks about making Drupal a better HTML (5) generating machine, while Sam talks about improving our revision control account application process, which is the gate to Drupal contributions. After the kick-off sessions, we’ll break up into two groups and provide plenty of space to be fruitful and get stuff done.

The venue is called Rummet (map), located in downtown Copenhagen and is right by the ChX Coders Lounge. You can continue the work started at the Core developer summit at the coders lounge during the conference (not on the day of the summit though), or at the post-conference code sprint on August 27th.

Register for the summit (once you have your DrupalCon ticket)

My slides are online (with

27. August 2010 - 9:15

My slides are online (with the video) at Plus you can comment and we can have a discussion...

It is a standard webform. You

6. August 2010 - 12:33

It is a standard webform. You click the register link. The top of the page says "You have already submitted this form. View your previous submissions.". You click the link which should let you edit your submission.

How can one add the slides to

2. August 2010 - 17:02

How can one add the slides to a lightning talk once you registered for the summit? The node is gone and out of sight, no idea how to edit it - guess this is not intended?