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Morten Wulff 17 August 2010

Enjoy a sip of Awesomesauce while taking in the dulcet tones of the Kitten Killers.

The Awesomesauce is here! Join us at the grand opening of the FooBar on Monday, August 23 to taste it yourself. We'll take over Copenhagen's Australian Bar Monday through Thursday night and make it the geekiest bar in town. Each night will start out with an open bar, thanks to our wonderful FooBar sponsors:

Update your profile

Morten Wulff 17 August 2010

Make sure you have provided all the necessary information for the conference badge.

Conference badges

We'll start printing the conference badges on Thursday, so it's time to make sure that your user profile information on the DrupalCon site is up-to-date. You can take a look at the mockup of the badge

You need to fill out the following fields on your profile:

  • Name on the conference badge – your real name or the name you go by in the Drupal community
  • Company/organization – the name of the company or organization you represent
  • username
  • user ID

An update from Copenhagen

Morten Wulff 10 August 2010

An update on the program and pre- and post-conference activities

It's time for another update from Copenhagen. This time around we have updated information on the core developer summit, the unconference, and the code sprint.

DrupalCon Copenhagen ticket prices go up on August 16th

Morten Wulff 3 August 2010

Get your DrupalCon Copenhagen 2010 ticket now!

Get ready to meet and learn from the top Drupal developers, designers and architects from around the world.

Save €31 and get your DrupalCon Copenhagen ticket now at the current price of €279, because on August 16th at 8am CEST the ticket price will go up to €310 + VAT.

Go to the registration page to buy your ticket for the conference.

Your ticket includes:

Core developer summit

Gábor Hojtsy 26 July 2010

Help improve Drupal core at this preconference event

On Sunday, August 22nd, we present the Core developer summit at DrupalCon Copenhagen 2010. We invite all current and future core contributors to join us for a meetup where the main focus will be on improving Drupal core.


Morten Wulff 18 July 2010

We are happy to announce the initial program of DrupalCon Copenhagen 2010

After reviewing 240 sessions submitted for the conference, the track chairs, the Copenhagen team and the Drupal Association are proud to present the DrupalCon Copenhagen program.

The total of 94 sessions is made up of 83 regular sessions, 6 platinum sponsor sessions, 3 keynotes and 2 rounds of lightning talks.


Morten Wulff 14 July 2010

The recipients of the DrupalCon Copenhagen scholarships have been selected.

We received a total of 59 scholarship applications for DrupalCon Copenhagen. After careful deliberation, the scholarship jury has decided to award scholarships to the following people:

Full scholarship recipients

Getting around Copenhagen 12 July 2010

Now that we have a sense of the layout of Copenhagen and how to get here to start with, I want to get into moving about the city. I already talked a bit about the metro and regional train from the airport, but I'll dive a bit deeper now, as well as cover a few other ways to move about, namely buses, boats and bikes.

Copenhagen Airport

Anonymous 8 July 2010


p>CPH Airport MapA lot of people come to Denmark through the Copenhagen airport (Københavns Lufthavne, airport code CPH). Whenever I arrive someplace new I always sort out how to get where I'm ultimately going, but it can be bewildering to figure out, especially if you're jet-lagged and really don't feel like thinking very much.

Arriving in Denmark

Anonymous 5 July 2010

There are quite a few ways to get to Denmark. There are the typical airplane and train methods, as well as a ferry or two, which isn't surprising for a country with so much shoreline. Most everyone arrives in Denmark through Copenhagen, so I'm focusing there, though it is possible to arrive through other ports of entry.