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26 May 2010

This page provides answers to some of the questions we get. You know, just like an FAQ :-)

Who is organizing DrupalCon Copenhagen

For the first time in the history of European DrupalCons, the conference is being organized by the Drupal Association in cooperation with the local user group, Drupal Danmark.

If all goes well, this is how all future DrupalCons will be organized.

The Copenhagen team are very proud to have been selected as workhorses for DrupalCon.

How do I get my ticket?

After you've bought your ticket, consider getting accommodation through this site. We have a selection of 6 different hotels/hostels in different places and price ranges, but all at a DrupalCon discount.

Why does it cost money to get in?

The quick version: Venues cost money, food costs money, promotion costs money. We don't want to have a conference in a small cellar which can only hold 100 people.

Why am I charged Danish VAT on my conference ticket?

The quick version: Tax is based on where the service is delivered not on the citizenship of the attendee. If you are coming to Denmark then you must pay the appropriate tax.

The longer and legal answer: B2B and B2C services relating to cultural, artistic, sporting, scientific, educational, entertainment and similar activities are taxed at the place where those services are physically carried out [Article 53 of the VAT Directive]
Example 34: For a conference organised in Stockholm for participants paying a fee to attend, Swedish VAT is charged.
Example 35: A ticket bought for a football match played in Liverpool will contain UK VAT.

Do I receive my conference ticket by mail?

No. We are not issuing conference entrance tickets by mail. Simply having registered will put you on our attendees list and we'll issue a conference badge for you on-site, when first arriving at the venue.

I didn't go to DrupalCon San Francisco because of that %&"%#€ volcano. Can I transfer the SF ticket to CPH?

No but the good people of DCSF were so sad that you couldn't come that they are giving out coupons to those trapped by the ash cloud. Please contact the DCSF organisers for more information.

I am applying for a VISA and need an invitation letter. What to do?

Send an e-mail to our support and your request will go directly to the right person.
What we need is your order number and full name (and possibly passport number or other information if the embassy asks for it).
If the invitation letter needs to be sent to the embassy by us, please send us the email contact.

Which tag should I use?

Please tag your photos with drupalcon or drupalconcph.

Will the sessions be in English?

Yes! All sessions will be in English.

Will I get a free ticket if my session is selected?

No, sorry! Scholarships and sponsorships are the only ways to get a free ticket. Even Dries pays to get in!

Who decides which sessions will be selected?

The track chairs select the sessions. They base their selection on the community votes, but a session can get selected despite having few votes. Likewise, a session can be discarded even though it got a lot of votes.

Deadlines: What timezone are they?

All deadlines are given as local time in Copenhagen. You can use the meeting planner to convert to your local timezone.

I contacted the support, but nothing has happened yet.

Please remember that we are all volunteers.
We strive to answer within 24 Hours. On weekends & holidays the response time can be a bit longer.

Do I need to learn Danish in order to get around?

No. Almost everybody in Denmark speaks English.

Is DrupalCon Copenhagen going to be the best DrupalCon yet?

You bet! We're standing on the shoulders of giants, so how can it not be great? With you participating we are expecting it to be better than sliced bread, cold beer, hot coffee in the morning, and bug-free code.

How about videos of sessions?

1. September 2010 - 14:42

How about videos of sessions? I couldn't make it this year and I'd love to see them. Are they going to be on this site?