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All your HTML are Belong to us #2.5 Revenge of the Markup

Theming, Design & Usability

All your HTML are Belong to us #2.5 Revenge of the Markup

Day:  Wednesday, 25. august 2010
Time:  17:15-18:00
45 minutes (+15 minutes Q&A)



Drupal comes with a lot(!) of predefined markup & css.
Modules are adding styles and markup to the themes and so themers have limited control over whats going on inside the theme - that works well for some themers - others not so much.. or to put in other words:

"WTF does all this bib markup do in my bib site - aaargh for >>--bib--<< sake, Gimme lean mean mother >>--bib--<< 'ing markup"

This session is all about controlling and cleaning up the markup.
So the theme dont have to be build upan a markup that modules have defined - and when to understand that it makes sense to use the markup that drupal provides.

A lot of these methods can be combined into your own starter theme, that can be used as a platform for all your own custom build html,css & js (and general markup fun)


  1. Why even bother about the markup?
    its just html (!) ... cause we dont need to do ie6 anymore (and santa is real)
  • Why design and markup and css is a hot threesome, but getting to choose whos gonna be there is crusial
  • Why Developers are spawns of evil - and themers are heros that will safe the day + get the prince / princess (of your own chooosing)
  • woudnt it be wonderfull if theming were just like writing html

You put the X in sex

  1. Understanding why drupal theming is like it is. and not like you think it is

* How to kiss your developer on the first date.
* understanding what it is drupal is really doing, and why its messing with the markup ...and why you should stop crying!

Among the Theming

  1. CCK

* no more divitis
* when to cut the crap and when not to.

Views were made for loving you

  1. Views 2

* Win & losses. when you should be accepting the drupal way (and when take your own)
* How to be a views rockstar rocking the tiplphips, without getting hurt

Can I play with panels

  1. Panels 3

* Uuuuuh mamma! control panels by 2 lines of code
* doing almost whatever you wanna do

Master of templates

  1. Subtheming and öwesome tools

* Inheritance - subtheming ftw!
* why you shold stop crying over spilled html (and css)
* * Take out the crap! - Dude I didnt ask for that class so get it outta my markup RFN!
* Why the mothership the is pretty goddamn awesome, but dosnt really do anything!

  • HTML5 so is that hard to implement?

Disclaimer: there will be no half naked danes in this session, but we do take request.


Great lecture!

25. August 2010 - 21:52

Great lecture!

Hiya, Any chance of getting a

26. August 2010 - 0:41


Any chance of getting a copy of the preso?