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Additional Presenters:  Arne Jørgensen


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Drupal making news

Day:  Wednesday, 25. august 2010
Time:  16:00-17:00
45 minutes (+15 minutes Q&A)



How do we handle 5 major Danish news sites, 250 online journalists, 5 million daily page views, 1 million news articles in the database and another 500 being added every day - all in one database?

In 2009 the largest news publishing group in Denmark, Berlingske Media, started a migration of their largest sites to Drupal. The migration is currently half-way, and the current platform is among the largest Drupal installations in the world.

The systems architects Christian Schmidt and Arne Jørgensen talks about the platform, including how multiple sites with individual editors are hosted in the same database, how content and media is entered, structured and presented, and the challenges with making Drupal scale.

About Christian Schmidt

Christian is an active contributor to Drupal 7. He has worked at TV 2 (Danish national television) and Peytz & Co. (a web agency) and now works as systems architect at Berlingske Media. Christian is Master of Science in Computer Engineering.

About Arne Jørgensen

Arne is the architect behind BOND - Berlingske On Drupal. He has worked several years at Berlingske Media with a stopover at BridgeSpinner. Arne har studied Advanced Computer Studies.

About Berlingske Media

Berlingske Media is established in 1749 and is the largest news publishing group in Denmark. The company publishes 62 print media titles and operates 75 web sites with a total of 6 million unique users per month (unique cookies), more than 30 million visits, and about 175 million page views. The largest web sites are and