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Awesomeness redefined: Drupal7 Theming

Theming, Design & Usability


Additional Presenters:  Jen Simmons


Theming, Design & Usability


Beginner | Intermediate


Curious | Designer | Themer

Awesomeness redefined: Drupal7 Theming

Day:  Tuesday, 24. august 2010
Time:  17:15-18:00
45 minutes (+15 minutes Q&A)



Drupal7 is coming sooner than we know it, and its pretty awesome (whos surpriced?) This session will be a gentle walkthrough of the new things that any themer needs to know

Ugly be gone

    • what happend to all the pretty themes
  • New themes both front & back

logic welcome to drupal

  • ...oooh gasp, so the css naming will make sence
  • blocks, variables & names that make even more sence - wow!
  • what changed?

tiplphiphs Rules and new awesome stuff

  • what where and why did somebody changed that?
  • new .tpl files & others is removed. Why and how can it make me work less & rock more?

Hide & Render - yup awesomeness +1

  • Youre theme will now Rock harder than Van halen in 1984!

Total Viking Power

  • Be afraid the themes now have POWER (total Viking Power!)
  • This changes totally how were doing & thinking themes

Better remember a towel & youre speedos, cause this is so hot it will give you a tan!


oooh sweetness Jen simmons

6. July 2010 - 14:37

oooh sweetness
Jen simmons the lead of the new theme Bartik will be co presenting. the Bartik theme :)

thats going into core woooho (with blink tags)