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Backstage with Drupal localization

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Backstage with Drupal localization

Day:  Thursday, 26. august 2010
Time:  14:45-15:45
45 minutes (+15 minutes Q&A)



Gábor Hojtsy just had a session a year ago introducing and its a fast growing member of the site family ever since. It got the new redesigned theme second (after the Drupal Association) and its features and usability is continually expanded and reviewed.

In this session we'd like to take you to backstage showing how localizing Drupal the software works and how you can plug in your modules and themes to be localizable as well. What's supported on and how can you localize your own software you built in-house?

What about the APIs to use to localize certain parts of your modules? Where's the boundary from localization to user input translation? How can we avoid common mistakes? (We'll touch a little on user provided content translation, but on that topic, the session titled Translation management for the enterprise is suggested).

Then we'll see how the same modules are used for Translate Open Atrium to power your own organization server and use it to translate your custom modules built in-house, or a full Drupal distribution like Open Atrium.

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Seems nice. Hope it gets a

26. August 2010 - 22:31

Seems nice. Hope it gets a standard to Drupal !