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Drupal Performance Boost Solutions

Configuration, Set-Up & Performance

Drupal Performance Boost Solutions

Day:  Thursday, 26. august 2010
Time:  13:30-14:30
45 minutes (+15 minutes Q&A)



performance | hardware architecture | software architecture

Honestly speaking, Drupal is a big out of the box system. It carries a vast amount of queries per page load, and uses quite a few MB for its PHP memory size.

Having the experience on more than 250 developed projects we pledge that Drupal performance can be vastly improved according to your website's goals. Indeed, using the right tools we always achieve the results of the Powerful CMS + Amazing Performance.

In this session we plan to share our best practices and explain our approach in building one of the biggest Drupal sites in Denmark, and probably worldwide. Also, we will share our knowledge on how to identify the right way to build scalable solutions according to a particular site goals.

Propeople Team


There is another session on

10. July 2010 - 17:55

There is another session on Drupal Performance, perhaps you can do a joint presentation?