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Propeople sponsored session: Propeople: behind the scene

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Sponsored sessions



Propeople sponsored session: Propeople: behind the scene

Day:  Tuesday, 24. august 2010
Time:  10:00-10:50
45 minutes (+15 minutes Q&A)



Come and take a look behind the scenes of Propeople, a leading Drupal company with offices in five companies on two continents. Propeople team is going to reveal confidential in-house tips and tricks to make your Drupal website 1000x faster and 100x better. Propeople will share their Drupal development know-how and will show it in action on some of their most complex websites. Be the first to see it!

Case study will include detailed information about one of the largest Drupal websites in Denmark: and

Probably the largest Drupal website, is an all-in-one online solution enriched with a customized CMS, a powerful e-shop, an advanced e-magazine publishing platform, a flexible social network, the ability for individual user registrations, a classified ad management solution, and an elaborate Wiki system. A complex yet flexible and fully integrated online solution, featuring hundreds of distinctive functional elements working together with synergy. is a all-in-one web solution based on the highly customized Drupal content management system enriched with full DonorPerfect CRM integration, advanced Newsletter module, flexible content and blog publishing functions, extensive SQL full text search engine, user-responsive Campaign module to create, promote and raise funds for specific campaigns, as well as the Knowledge Universe Content Type module to interactively display UNICEF projects around the world.

The best Propeople Drupal Rockstars will share their first hand experience and will be open to answer any question and reveal any geeky things from the Propeople kitchen.

This session is intended for people interested to find out more about advanced Drupal development solutions used at a leading Drupal company.