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Case study: on NodeStream - a Drupal distribution for newspapers and magazines

Case study: on NodeStream - a Drupal distribution for newspapers and magazines
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Case study: on NodeStream - a Drupal distribution for newspapers and magazines

Day:  Wednesday, 25. august 2010
Time:  09:00-09:50
45 minutes (+15 minutes Q&A)



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Christian Edwertz (business developer) and Odd Råberg (web editor) at the daily newspaper Värmlands Folkblad (VF) will tell you why they moved their on-line edition - - from the .NET based EPiServer to the Drupal based NodeStream. You will also see NodeStream demonstrated; and how seamless it can be integrated with a third-party editorial system.

Why chose NodeStream/Drupal

Värmland Folkblad (VF) is a Swedish newspaper which is published six times a week. On-line already in 1997, they where among the first newspapers to be published on the Web. Recently, they launched their forth version of At the same time, they kicked out the .NET based content management system EPiServer in favor for the Drupal based publishing system NodeStream. In this session, VF's business developer, Christian Edwertz, and the project manager and chief editor of, Odd Råberg, will tell you how they ended up in the decision to choose Drupal i general and NodeStream in particular. They will also share their experience of leading an open source project as compared to vendor driven project.

Demonstration of NodeStream is built on NodeStream, a Drupal distribution by NodeOne, aimed at newspapers, magazines and other websites providing a stream of news and content. Dick Olsson, lead developer of NodeStream, will demonstrate some of NodeStream's features, and Thomas Barregren, manager of the project, will talk a little about the vision and mission of NodeStream.

Integration with editorial systems

NodeStream's ability to seamlessly integrate with third-party editorial systems was one of the most important reasons for VF to choose NodeStream. At VF, Infomaker's Newspilot is used as editorial system. Andy Olsson, senior consultant at Infomaker, will demonstrate how this integration can be used to publish news from the editorial system to the web, and vice versa. He will also show how easy the integration was done with the Newspilot module, jointly developed by Infomaker and NodeOne.


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See also "NodeStream - A Drupal distribution for newspapers" at

Unfortunately I missed this

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Unfortunately I missed this session. Cannot find any resources... distribution download, etc...

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