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NodeStream - A Drupal distribution for newspapers

NodeStream is a new Drupal distribution aimed at modern newspaper sites.
Configuration, Set-Up & Performance

NodeStream - A Drupal distribution for newspapers

45 minutes (+15 minutes Q&A)



CCK | views | distributions | panels | Rules | Newspapers

This session will highlight some technical and architectual challenges developers are facing when building modern newspaper sites and how we solved them in NodeStream using the big four - Panels, Views, CCK and Rules. This session will also cover the integration between NodeStream and Newspilot, an editorial publishing system used by the majority of all daily newspapers in Scandinavia. The integration is built on top of the Services and Deploy modules. Finally we will talk about how we chosen to package NodeStream with the Features module, Drush Make and a custom install profile.

The session will cover all the topics from an technical and architectural stand point with developers and site builders in mind! Basic knowledge of the modules mentioned above will help, but is not required.

About the presenter

Dick Olsson (aka. dixon_) is the developer at NodeOne leading the NodeStream project. He has been active in the Drupal community for about three years. He is co-maintaining the Deploy module and contributes a lot to the Swedish Drupal translation. He is also the drummer in the bad ass Drupal rock band called Kitten Killers!


Some resources can be found

5. July 2010 - 0:41

Some resources can be found here:

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5. July 2010 - 0:55

See also "Case study: on NodeStream - a Drupal distribution for newspapers and magazines" at