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Use SimpleTest!

Testing with simpletest rocks!
Code & Development


Additional Presenters:  Karsten Frohwein


Code & Development





Use SimpleTest!

Day:  Wednesday, 25. august 2010
Time:  17:15-18:00
45 minutes (+15 minutes Q&A)



testing | simpletest | selenium

The first time I was forced to create a test for a core patch I wanted in D7 I really hated it. But now some months and some pain later I can say it was worth it.

Testing makes our modules more reliable. Even if we have todo a lot of work at start creating a test later on we will spend less time on debugging stuff. Even if our module ceases to work correctly we will be quicker at finding the problem.

Let us take a look how we create tests for our modules by using simpletest. It's easier than it looks and I will help you getting into it! :)

My session will cover:

  • Testing requirements
  • DrupalWebTestCase
  • How to structure and debugging tests
  • Selenium for additional testing


For performance see

26. August 2010 - 16:47

For performance see

Not bad, but you kind of

26. August 2010 - 21:43

Not bad, but you kind of missed the purpose of this presentation. Don't rush over in these slides/demos. Build a small example and show your audience the advantage(s). Let them feel what they need to do! ;-)

Feedback! Yay! :D Examples

30. August 2010 - 11:28

Feedback! Yay! :D

Examples are my main problem and beeing to theoratically. I heard this a lot and I try hard to get better!