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SEO for Drupal 6 & 7

Configuration, Set-Up & Performance


Additional Presenters:  Ivo Radulovski


Configuration, Set-Up & Performance


Beginner | Intermediate


Project Manager | Developer

SEO for Drupal 6 & 7

Day:  Wednesday, 25. august 2010
Time:  09:00-09:50
45 minutes (+15 minutes Q&A)



Drupal 7 is upon us and, like so many things, this release makes some significant changes in the way you need to optimize your site for Google and the other search engines. But D6 is still alive and kicking! Come to one session and learn both. Ben Finklea, author of Drupal 6 Search Engine Optimization (and its forthcoming sequel), and Ivo Radulovski, a leading SEO consultant in Austria, will show you what needs to be done, what is changing, and how to get on top of the awesomeness that is Drupal SEO.

The earlier a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine. Join Ben and Ivo as they provide a practical walk through showing you which modules to install, which settings to use, and dozens of the most closely guarded “tricks of the trade” to get your web site optimized, higher in the search engines, and more profitable.

Takeaways include:

Taking concise, actionable steps that increase traffic to your Website
How to SEO a D6 site.
The new methods and things to watch in D7.
Microformats in D7 and how that will let you rule the web. (Well...)
Installing and configuring modules that lead to maximum SEO results
Creating search engine friendly and optimized content silos
Title tags, paths, sitemaps, headings, navigation, and more …

Who should attend?:

The presentation is for Drupal site owners and those who create and improve Drupal sites including themers, developers, programmers, and consultants. A basic understanding of Drupal is helpful.


Hi Ben, Any chance you could

25. August 2010 - 15:19

Hi Ben,

Any chance you could drop a copy of the preso somewhere?


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27. August 2010 - 8:22

Thank you for valuable information.. this one nice article.. i hope its very useful to drupal developer, SEO onpage optimizer. .

Drupal SEO Session

29. August 2010 - 2:27

Drupal SEO Session slides


you can find the extended slides + the more extended online version of my Drupal SEO Session here: