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Ben Finklea // Volacci
d.o: Volacci

Ben Finklea is the founder and CEO of the Drupal SEO company Volacci. In September 2009, his first book entitled Drupal 6 Search Engine Optimization was published by Packt Publishing. He is active in the Drupal community and contributed the Drupal SEO Checklist module. As an internationally-known consultant, speaker, trainer, and expert witness on topics related to SEO, Drupal, and building successful high-tech businesses, Ben’s dynamic and engaging style appeals to audiences of all technical levels. He has built and managed SEO campaigns for many companies including HP, Fast Company, Acquia and Amazon.

Ben spends his free time reading, writing, volunteering at his church, and raising two sons with his wife of 15 years. He used to do cool things like collecting comic books and baseball cards, paintball, and playing video games. He's looking forward to doing all those things again when his kids get a little older.

Ben Finklea
United States