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Building Content Types and Displaying Content

It's your content. Build to suit.
Introducing Drupal



Introducing Drupal




Curious | Project Manager

Building Content Types and Displaying Content

Day:  Tuesday, 24. august 2010
Time:  17:15-18:00
45 minutes (+15 minutes Q&A)



walkthrough | managing content | fields in core | Commerce Guys

Adding content to Drupal is easy. Right out of the box you can create pages with specific menu items and articles that promote to your front page with minimal effort. But what if you need more? Come to this session to find out how Drupal's core systems empower you to create and display any number of custom content types.

This session is aimed at beginners. It will cover the following topics in the format of a walkthrough to introduce new Drupal users to the major concepts involved in building, displaying, and managing content on their Drupal site:

  • Creating custom content types
  • Creating menu items for individual pieces of content
  • Visibility settings: published, promoted, and sticky
  • Adding fields to content types
  • Controlling the display of custom fields
  • Managing content in core
  • Strategies for managing content with Views and Flag

Unless there's just an abundance of time left at the end of this session, we won't dig deep into Views. That would be better served by its own devoted session or the after-chatter. Views in this session will only be mentioned in the context of strategies and possibilities for displaying and managing content on a Drupal site.

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It may be still early, but

25. August 2010 - 19:27

It may be still early, but will Presentation/Slides be posted on here for this Drupal Con?

When will you post the

30. August 2010 - 14:55

When will you post the slides?