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Mapping in Drupal with OpenLayers

Making your data more tangible.
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Additional Presenters:  Thomas Turnbull


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Mapping in Drupal with OpenLayers

Day:  Wednesday, 25. august 2010
Time:  13:30-14:30
45 minutes (+15 minutes Q&A)



Web mapping is all the rage these days, and for good reason. Mapping allows users to explore data in a more meaningful and enjoyable way. Combining the power of geo-coded content and mapping, a site's content can come to life in ways that traditional sites cannot offer.

OpenLayers is a powerful Javascript library to do web mapping with. Combined with Drupal, OpenLayers provides a solid base for creating maps on your Drupal site and integrating Drupal structures. This session will demo the module and talk about the status and direction of the project.

The Drupal OpenLayers module provides a robust architecture for creating maps and integrating Drupal data on sites. it power such great sites and services as:

In this session, we talk about how OpenLayers works and demo the module (fingers crossed).


Hey Alan, glad to see you

20. August 2010 - 19:04

Hey Alan, glad to see you will be presenting!

Quick question, will this session be any different from the one you did in DrupalCamp Barcelona?