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The State of Drupal

Image: Griet Dekoninck

The State of Drupal

Day:  Tuesday, 24. august 2010
Time:  11:00-12:30
45 minutes (+15 minutes Q&A)



Dries Buytaert will give his bi-annual State of Drupal talk in the beginning of DrupalCon Copenhagen, where he’ll discuss where Drupal is and where it is going. In particular, he’ll discuss the final preparations for the release of Drupal 7, the redesign, and some of the initial plans for Drupal 8.

Keynote Video:


I have spent months trying to

29. June 2010 - 6:45

I have spent months trying to learn and implement
Back when I watched one of the older Drupal-con presentations
and the first statement from Dries was a joking statement about
his focus on Drupal 8, I knew that his heart was not really into
the release of Drupal 7.
And in a later presentation by Dries that I saw somewhere
in which he reported that Drupal sites are 1% of the top million websites
as opposed to WordPress' 8%, I wondered why he continues to wonder why
this is the case.
If you imagine yourself as a New User who has heard of Drupal
and wants to try it out and implement it,
and if you then go to and imagine your self as
never having been there before, you, if you are honest with yourself,
will admit that it is unorganized and for all practical purposes
totally confusing.
Sure, if you are a PHP guru, it is a dream come true
once you find the pieces you seek.
But for even a somewhat competent Webmaster,
it is a learning curve of Days and Days. (actually weeks, and..)
Do you really wonder why this more powerful CMS is outpaced by WordPress.
User-friendly vs Train-Wreck.
If you feel as I feel, please respond; and do not be shy that you might upset the
administrators of Drupal.
They need to hear; and need to refocus--
assuming they care about truly reaching the masses.
" I Wish For You, But More Importantly, Intend All The Best"
- Christopher James Francis Rodgers.