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Theming the Enterprise

How to theme 17 websites at the same time, using Skinr and strategy.
Theming, Design & Usability

Theming the Enterprise

Day:  Thursday, 26. august 2010
Time:  10:00-10:50
45 minutes (+15 minutes Q&A)



Last winter, when the recession hit my corner of the web world, I went and got myself one of those full-time jobs. Suddenly instead of designing, building and theming each site from beginning to end as a separate project, I found myself in a mosh-pit of 40 developers, developing dozens of sites at the same time. We've been moving a whole "enterprise level" corporation over to Drupal, rapidly theming without any visual designs (still waiting). Come hear about what I've learned, and the strategy I created for best reusing code and coordinating the efforts of the team. Hint: Skinr is a big part of it all, and will help us quickly re-theme all of the sites, simultaneously, once the visual designs are delivered.


I do not now how to 'vote for

10. July 2010 - 22:44

I do not now how to 'vote for session' so simply say: Good Luck :—)) !!!

I wasn't able to name the

24. August 2010 - 11:23

I wasn't able to name the client when I originally posted this session — but I can now. The client for whom I've been architecting a theming platform for dozens of sites is the New York Stock Exchange.

The slides are online at

27. August 2010 - 9:17

The slides are online at Plus you can comment and we can have a discussion...