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Amy Ash

Amy Ash // Candie Bandit
d.o: Candie Bandit

I am Amy Ash, known colloquially as Candie Bandit. I busy myself with making bespoke Drupal Themes.
Looking forward to meeting you in Copenhagen :)

"Candie Bandit" (noun)

(1) A polymath of sorts. (2) Creates visualisms, audioisms and code; or a combination thereof. (3) Can be found either spraying or splattering paint onto surfaces; or appreciating architecture in an unconventional form using a plank of wood attached to four wheels.

Other: (a) TaeKwonDo (inc: Silver medalist in the ITF World Championships in sparring, three times Gold and three times Silver wins in other sparring tournaments), (b) Interactive design/Illustration BA(Hons), (c) Graffiti Artist and Workshop Tutor, (d) Avid Skateboarder (until recent knee operation), (e) Radio Show host, (f) DnB flavoured, (g) Blatant geek.

Amy Ash
Candie Bandit
United Kingdom