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Chris Mavergames

Chris Mavergames // The Cochrane Collaboration
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Short bio for Chris Mavergames

Chris Mavergames is Web Operations Manager/Information Architect for The Cochrane Collaboration. Along with the Webteam, Chris manages the Collaboration’s web presences including and the platform for more than 70 entity websites. Chris’ background is in library and information science with an MLIS degree from Long Island University in New York. He is based at the German Cochrane Centre in Freiburg, Germany.

Prior to joining Cochrane, Chris served as a metadata librarian at the British Library working on the Archival Sound Recordings project ( and as Director of Multimedia Services/Librarian at the New York City College of Technology.

Currently, Chris leads the Webteam in their implementation of Drupal, an open source Content Management System, for managing Cochrane’s websites and in an information architecture redesign of Chris has extensive experience with Web 2.0 tools and technologies with a research interest in the Semantic Web.

Skype: c.mavergames

Chris Mavergames
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