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David MOLLIERE // Commerce Guys
d.o: davidmolliere

Originally a business and administration major, I started as a business process consultant but I was among the early web enthusiasts and quickly dug into building web pages. One thing led to another and I turned a personal interrest into a job, launching as a freelance webdesigner leveraging the power of open source tools to build websites mainly for NGOs and SMEs.

Since 2003 I contributed to several open source projects (among which Textpattern and MODx), as a translator, moderator and "evangelist". In 2008 I had projects for which Drupal was the best fit, that's when I really started building drupal sites. That's when I got involved with the french community and forums (, which helped meet Damien Tournoud at DrupalCon Paris, then work together and finally joining the great CommerceGuys team as COO for the Paris Office.

I am interrested in everything project management related, but coming from the technical side of things (theming, integrating) I also enjoy more technical discussions (though my php doesn't go very far :P).

Commerce Guys