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Gábor Hojtsy

Gábor Hojtsy // Acquia
d.o: Gábor Hojtsy

A 29 years old open source enthusiast and contributor. Started contributing to the PHP project in 2000, and to Drupal in 2003. Been heading the PHP documentation project and the website project for years. Technical edited multiple translated and original Hungarian web technology books in Hungarian, taught courses on HTML, Perl, XML/XSLT, CSS, PHP and Drupal. Helped co-organize several conferences in Hungary including Drupalcamps and Drupalcon Szeged itself in 2008.

Currently most active as a Drupal developer, working with and on the open source project itself at Acquia. Co-maintainer for Drupal 6 and maintainer to several contributed modules. Leading the website, developing the main localization server software component behind it.

In free time, passionate about singing, music and amateur acting, especially when these are all combined. Most recently, played Woof in Hair and currently playing in a Hungarian Jungle book musical adaptation.

Gábor Hojtsy
Gábor Hojtsy