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Cláudia Amorim

27 April 2010
Cláudia Amorim
Local team/staff
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Language (Primary) Portuguese
Language (Secondary) French
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Languages, Libraries management and Information Sciences academic background.
Tec lover, in all that relates to information management.
Open Source lover and evangelist.
Just getting into the Drupal community.

Steve Kessler

20 April 2010
Local team/staff
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Denver DataMan
United States
Language (Primary) English
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Steve Kessler is the owner and lead consultant of Denver DataMan. Steve has 9 years of direct experience in the IT field, having worked as a network technician, help desk technician, project manager, and trainer. Steve also has 11 years experience with teaching and training and has worked with children as young as Pre-K to adults in their 80's.

Steve is very active with the South Metro Chamber of Commerce including teaching seminars, being involved with the Science, Technology, Engineering, And Math Education Coalition (STEM-EC) and other communities within the Chamber.