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John Nollin

John Nollin // Promet Marketing
d.o: jsnoles49

John Nollin is a Drupal Online Marketing specialist. He is a Co-founder and Director of Operations for Promet Marketing, an Online Marketing Company based in Chicago, IL. Promet Marketing helps companies market their websites. From SEO search marketing, PPC, SEM, social media management, email marketing, and online advertising they make your website rank higher and perform better.

Promet Marketing is one of 3 divisions under Promet Solutions Inc.

Promet Marketing (Drupal Marketing)
Promet Source (Drupal Development)
Promet Host (Drupal Hosting)

John began getting involved with Drupal when Promet Source began developing Drupal sites. Soon all divisions of Promet began specializing in Drupal development, hosting, and marketing.

Drupal offers the best platform for SEO and online marketing, resulting in numerous clients migrating to the platform and increasing their marketing performance with the help of Promet.

John Nollin
Promet Marketing
United States