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Creating a generic platform for a national media company : showcase

First implementation of our generic platform :
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Additional Presenters:  Franck Deroche


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Creating a generic platform for a national media company : showcase

Day:  Thursday, 26. august 2010
Time:  13:30-14:30
45 minutes (+15 minutes Q&A)



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Just after Szeged drupalcon, we won a competition for the building of a generic media platform for the french public national radio group, Radio France. The idea was to have some common basis for all their websites, grouped in a drupal website. Then each of their radio site, or any site they would produce, would be run under this platform.
There was an economical interest for them as well as getting a dedicated team with a good knowledge of this platform.
We will begin with some general aspect of how we worked all together. We will give volumetric of the project and we will continue with more technical aspect on how we solved some problems any media company has to deal with like :
- having your journalists working even if your hosting provider is down or site under heavy load
- dealing with easy wysiwyg, media library, drag and drop
- importing data from the existing information system
- heavy workflow
- copyright issues
- single sign on across website galaxy
- search engine
- ergonomic backoffice
- continuous integration
- media planning and future publishing
- data conservation / archive building
- cache and putting it all in an high availability stack

We will also show and explain an exclusive module for content management and easy node composition called Scald.


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