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Dancing with Elephants - What you need to know.

Keep your balance
Providing Professional Drupal Services

Dancing with Elephants - What you need to know.

45 minutes (+15 minutes Q&A)



As the Drupal world moves forward there are key strategies out there to keep from being crushed by the elephants. A slide in the SF Drupalcon State of Drupal address by Dries talked about dancing with elephants. This session will look at the evolution of the Drupal marketplace. We will discuss strategies which we should be using to keep our businesses relevant in changing times. Verticals, install profiles, specialization and many other techniques will be presented, all focused on keeping your Drupal business in business.

Dancing with elephants can be a great thing if you have a good strategy or a really bad thing if you get stepped on.

Learn how to capitalize on the elephant dance.