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Design 4 Drupal - no more fugly!

We Love Drupal & design & markup :)
Theming, Design & Usability


Additional Presenters:  Todd Nienkerk


Theming, Design & Usability


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Design 4 Drupal - no more fugly!

Day:  Tuesday, 24. august 2010
Time:  10:00-10:50
45 minutes (+15 minutes Q&A)



Come Join the not so secret underground movement of beautiful designer, awesome front end developers & other Drupal lovers who wanna make drupal look as good on the outside as on the inside!

The Design 4 Drupal group have been working the last couple of years to create a space for "frontend developers" where we can find shelter for the evil developers & demanding clients ;)

The last year a lot have happend 2 "D4D" camps have been held in Boston, a new base theme have been added to drupal7, and we have succeed in putting ourself on the map in the drupal community.

So now its time to kick it up a nutch.


  • Design 4 Drupal camp in europe - yup its comming!
  • How can we help the Developers?
  • Install profile for "Designers"?
  • Markup marines - rules for good markup?
  • How to move forward?

Why you shold come:

  • Meet the other designer & frontend lovers
  • Help in pushing drupal the right way
  • you get a secret +1 point of ├╝berawesomeness on you nametag

This is not a bitch and moan session about how the rest of the community dont understand us (we did that in DC 1.5 years ago) & we can always do that at the fooBAR later ;)


Resources:  design 4 drupal group