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Drupal's Future is Cloudy (and why that's a good thing)

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Drupal's Future is Cloudy (and why that's a good thing)

45 minutes (+15 minutes Q&A)



Cloud Computing | products | pantheon

"The Cloud" is more than just hyper-hand-waving. There is a monumental shift under way in the global software industry. In the last fifty years software innovation has moved from the mainframe, to the desktop, and now to the internet, aka "The Cloud". This move will upend entire segments of the industry and will have a huge impact on the Drupal project. In the near future, the majority of Drupal sites will be hosted on cloud services and an increasing number of cloud based services will be available to enhance the Drupal platform.

During this presentation we will:

  • Dissect the cloud as a concept debunking myths and highlighting risks
  • Give a tour of cloud services (including Amazon Web Services and Rackspace Cloud) that can save you time and money today
  • Dig into what it takes to develop Drupal sites on this next generation infrastructure
  • Look into the future of these services and what they mean for Drupal

About the presenters:
This talk will be given by Matt Cheney and Zack Rosen of The Pantheon project, and open-source effort to unleash Drupal in the cloud. You can learn about the Pantheon project here -


Resources:  The PANTHEON Project