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Drupal Mobiliser — Mobile Web Overview

Mobilise Drupal!
Theming, Design & Usability

Drupal Mobiliser — Mobile Web Overview

45 minutes (+15 minutes Q&A)



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Theory part:
• What is the .mobi-TLD (Top Level Domain)? What is it good for? Why the extra TLD?
• How to get a 20-minute-overview with the ‚dotMobi Mobile Web Developer’s Guide‘.
• Brief excursion into the jungle of online-tools:,,,, ...
• The developer community (realised with Drupal).

Practical part:
2D code generation (QR and Datamatrix) via
• Module: &
• Module:

Inspirational part:
• Extended inspiration with Services&Apps: & Titanium Mobile See also other [core] sessions with this particular focus.
• Administer your Drupal projects via iPhone/iPad with
• Module:

For mainly mobile web themeing purposes, please check Martin Joergensens workshop 'Add a mobile version to your Drupal site'.


I posted a comment over at

23. August 2010 - 11:26

I posted a comment over at the other session (Add a mobile version to your Drupal site) but I'll repeat what I said there on here as well, sorry for the repetition.

Can I also ask if you can give your views (if you have any) during your session on using drupal with jQTouch, iwebkit or even jquerymobile, and also if you have any experience with using json_server/services with or without authentication (I see your session will cover this anyway), just throwing in services as an idea to pull off content from your site to be used in offline mode with your mobile.
There's a thread kind of started about using jqtouch with drupal here so if anyone else has any thoughts about anything I've mentioned feel free to chip-in on that thread or point to other threads of interest from there.

Thanks, again apologies for the repetition.

Sorry, Nikos, I am not

26. August 2010 - 1:35

Sorry, Nikos, I am not present at DrupalCon Copenhagen … and I won't be coming to DrupalCon CPH! But maybe you could profit from my Drupal colleague's (DUG-CH, Drupal User Group Switzerland) early session "jQuery: Small Library, big Effects" — a bit?