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Drupal + Ubercart = Social Commerce

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Drupal for Business

Drupal + Ubercart = Social Commerce

45 minutes (+15 minutes Q&A)



Ubercart | SocialCommerce | DrupalCommerce | E-Commerce | Socializing

What is the meaning of "Social Commerce" and how can you setup environments on the base of drupal + ubercart and other modules. The session will give an overview about the basic principles of Social Commerce as well as a short walkthru of the Ubercart modules.

Drupal should be your favor engine when you have to bring up a Social Commerce Portal. The stable core and thousands of extensions is a gurantee for successful business projects. The Ubercart modules allow you to easily enter the commercial path with your site. Simply setup any of your nodes as products and sell them at the global online internet market.

Your customers can place their orders on your site and the system will assist you while you finish the orders. You have access to administrative tools as well as some analysis. You can extend your products by attributes (e.g. different sizes and colors for products when selling fashion) and handle stock. The session will give you details about Ubercart and doing E-Commerce with Drupal.

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Although there is DrupalCommerce for the upcoming Drupal7, I can advise Drupal6 and Ubercart as a today sopphisticated and stable and business proofed technology!


As a first introduction about Social Commerce please have a look at wikipedia's article.