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Elevating 960gs Theming in Drupal 7 with the Omega theme

Theming, Design & Usability

Elevating 960gs Theming in Drupal 7 with the Omega theme

45 minutes (+15 minutes Q&A)



omega | theming | 960 | 960gs

This session will cover the advanced usages of bypushing theming & grid based layouts further with preprocess functionality in the theme layer. The Omega Theme is currently a leap ahead of any other base theme in Drupal 7, and is continuing to expand new features that will revolutionize theming in D7.

This session will be a combination of concepts & information from presentations I've given on and the Omega theme at Drupalcon Paris, DrupalCamp Montreal, DrupalCon San Fransisco and Drupal Design Camp Boston - 2010.

However, this session is COMPLETELY updated with Drupal 7 code, tons of new features, a radically enhanced interface for the theme settings provided by the Omega theme in Drupal 7, and much more!!

  • Omega Theme
    • Where the Omega theme is
      • Standing on the shoulders of giants
        • Ninesixty
        • Zen
        • Studio
        • Acquia Marina
    • Omega Theme Overview
      • Integrated Features
        • Custom Page Titles
        • Custom Breadcrumbs
        • Custom Search features
        • grid information
          • Grid Sizes
            • 12 column
            • 16 column
            • 24 column
          • Debugging overlay per container/region
      • no need to use ns() function unless you are doing very custom work
      • hook_preprocess() & /preprocess/
      • hook_process() & /process/
      • Content First Layouts
        • Customizable front page
        • Customizable internal pages
    • Omega Theme Demo
      • Creating sub-themes 101
        • The command line way
        • The other way
      • Customizing your sub-theme
        • Extensive demonstration of all the theme settings available to the Omega theme and it's sub--themes
    • Where the Omega theme is going
      • Drupal 7
      • Drupal 8?!
      • jQuery grid building/management
    • Want to Contribute?
    • Special Thanks

Previous iterations of this topic/session given by me can be found at:

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