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Highlighting trending content on your site

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Highlighting trending content on your site

45 minutes (+15 minutes Q&A)



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Displaying trending content is important to any site. Luckily for Drupal, we have the perfect tool – the Radioactivity module. In this session we will walk through the most common and even the more innovative use cases for the tool. By the end of this session, you will ace all the various settings and scenarios.

Radioactivity is a module that was initially developed for a Finnish media site, Uusi Suomi, to replace the Drupal built-in node counter. Node counter had some major drawbacks that made it inadequate for a media site:
- The daily node counter got flushed to zero once a day at night, which lead to crazy stuff appearing on the daycount list in the mornings (after Google visiting the site at night)
- There were just a daycount list and a totalcount list – not really stuff for trending as in popular now.
- No possibility to list most commented, most voted etc.

The Radioactivity module addresses these issues (and goes waaaay beyond) by making the content hotness decrease gradually (hence the name Radioactivity). You can also create as many lists as you wish – like most read today, most commented this week, voted best this month, or as a combination of all the mentioned mechanisms – trending now. A fresh example of the last mentioned:

If uses it, it must be awesome, right?

And oh yes – we will also introduce a crazy multi-site science project service based on Radioactivity at this session. The possibilities will blow your mind. Talking about possibilities – the module supports views, votingapi, Pressflow+Varnish, Drupal aggressive caching, memcached…

DISCLAIMER: After selling your soul to Radioactivity, you will never again settle for ordinary popularity metrics. Radioactivity will most likely be in the core of web 3.0. ;)