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How to build Drupal Websites for "normal" clients

Sometimes I ask clients to draw a Druplicon
Introducing Drupal

How to build Drupal Websites for "normal" clients

45 minutes (+15 minutes Q&A)



theming | Multilingual | multisite | Multimedia | ecommerce

What I have seen for now from Drupal 7 is, that everything will be better, faster, easier and more logical and user-friendly.
Unfortunately, for the time being, I cannot use Drupal 7 in productive environments because it is not stable (surely after this conference).
For that reason I will describe my adventures with Drupal 6.

I will show:

  • a Drupal 6 multisite installation on a dedicated server with several Drupal websites (around 35).
  • different languages on a website (problems and solutions)
  • how to handle multimedia issues (embed or upload and encode?)
  • how to handle images easily ("I want an image gallery for every user!")
  • selling goods (real and virtual)
  • How to theme in a cost effective way? (theming can burn every budget!)
  • How to avoid developing?