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iPhone Drupal and Web Services

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Code & Development


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iPhone Drupal and Web Services

45 minutes (+15 minutes Q&A)



Drupal | iPhone | Services

Mobile Strategy is becoming critical to websites and companies who want to provide their users with more accessible and interactive information while on the go. Iphone Apps provide a great way for these organizations to adapt their content and features to an integrated mobile experience.

With the rising popularity of these apps, we need a standard Drupal iPhone application or Library to begin working with when developing apps that reference Drupal content. Today's solution is a Library that leverages the power of Cocoa/obj-c and connects it to Drupal.

In this presentation I will demonstrate how easy it is to integrate your Drupal powered website with Services, a New Web Services module, and the iPhone SDK. IĆ¢ll go into depth about how to configure your Drupal Site in order to obtain the information you'll need for your iPhone app. On the iPhone SDK side, I will explain the pros and cons of the Library and any extensions you'll need to add for custom functionality as well as a demo of it working.

The best part is, it all uses Apples Property List format, which means you can directly make objects from a Web Services call and not have to parse any XML or JSON. This greatly reduces the battery consumption and processing power required by your app.