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Khairn - project management, Drupal-based

Khairn - requirement-driven project management
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Khairn - project management, Drupal-based

45 minutes (+15 minutes Q&A)



project management | requirement engineering | issue tracking

To succeed in project management, you need a smart tool providing one-stop support for the many tasks associated with large projects.

Certainly there is no better foundation for such a tool than Drupal, our „swiss army knife“. Our company, data in transit, is developing Khairn, a Drupal project management distribution that has proven itself in daily use through several projects.

Our presentation introduces Khairn's setup, its implementation of „Requirement-driven
project management“ and its benefits to project communication.

Khairn stands out through these features:

  • Requirement engineering
  • Change management
  • Time and resource management
  • Task management / Ticketing / Bug tracking
  • Quality management / Test management
  • Documentation and knowledge management
  • Communication management and reporting

Its main philosophy:

  • Requirements are the focal point, they drive all project processes
  • Projects are communications – support and sustain them
  • Keep track of things at all stages of the project
  • Keep the tool's core slim, enable easy customization

Using Drupal standard tools (CCK, Views, Workflow, Rules, Book, Taxonomy), Khairn offers
sophisticated work and communication processes – we will demonstrate how to implement these
to lead your project to success.

We will close our session by discussing the next steps and upcoming features on Khairn's roadmap.