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Kick Start Your Module Development!

Code & Development


Additional Presenters:  Gábor Hojtsy


Code & Development


Beginner | Intermediate


Project Manager | Developer | Themer

Kick Start Your Module Development!

45 minutes (+15 minutes Q&A)



While Drupal can do many great things via the UI alone, it's full power is sometimes only unleashed when you can write custom modules.

This presentation easy ways to begin module development with the hope of giving your next project a kick start. We will highlight some simple ways to integrate with Drupal that are frequently trgets for requests for customization. We will start from some basic hooks, and point out security, localization and internationalization best practices.

You will hopefully walk away with an understanding of some of the fundamental integration possibilities in Drupal, such as the menu system, blocks, forms and emails. This presentation will focus on Drupal 7 and its APIs, but the information will be generally relevant to Drupal 6 as well.