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Scope Creep - Your New Best Friend

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Scope Creep - Your New Best Friend

45 minutes (+15 minutes Q&A)



project management | scope | budget | client relations

The first thing any Drupal Project Manager learns is that clients only understand the power of the system when they see it. Once you get close to a final product, suddenly the client wants more. This new imaginative phase comes partly from the learning curve of any new system, and partly from simple human nature. Indeed, we are all prone to getting our best ideas towards the end of the project. Managed poorly, this tendency can be an enormous liability on your project budget; the term "scope creep" evokes the frightening image of a project that never ends. Managed well, scope creep can be a powerful tool to secure a follow up contract with its own goals and budget.

Stop running away from these great ideas, and start using them to build a better, longer relationship with your clients and their sites. We will cover the necessary means of proper client communication, preemptive and explicit documentation, when is the best time during a project to address this topic, how to initiate and guide discussion, and how to secure the deal.