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Add a mobile version to your Drupal site

Martin Joergensen 1 July 2010
Type:  Session in official program

This session will go through some different ways of making a parallel version of your Drupal site suited for smartphones like the iPhone and Android phones.

This is NOT about making apps, but about adapting themes, templates, views and other odds and ends to make your site look nice – or at least be useful – on the small screen and potentially limited facilities.
This is not rocket science, but there are some pitfalls and some areas which require more work – and some where it's close to impossible to adapt look and function to the small screen – but in general it's easy to customize news, articles, discussions and much more to fit the limited screens on mobile devices.

Creating Android and Drupal apps using Adobe AIR

Mihai Corlan 18 June 2010
Type:  Not planned session

Android OS is the new kid on the block with a huge number of phones on the market and more to come, including tablet devices. It is time to see how you can build Android applications that connect to Drupal.

In this session you will learn how you can leverage Adobe AIR to build applications for the Android platform that connects to Drupal. You will see the open source Flex framework in action and you'll learn how you can connect an AIR application that runs on Android to a Drupal backend.

This session will be presented by Mihai Corlan of Adobe Systems and Gabriel Guy of Linnovate.

Mihai Corlan is a Platform Evangelist who focuses on Flex and PHP integration. He writes and talks about Flex, Flash Builder, Adobe AIR and PHP. He presents at conferences across Europe and Middle East.

Resources:  Garbriel Guy (gavri)