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Customizing Drupal (without killing kittens)

Florian Loretan 3 July 2010
Type:  Not planned session

A few recipes for simple and clean customizations for those willing to peek into a few lines of PHP code.

For any kind of Drupal website, it happens very often that existing modules get you 90% of the way but you still need some customizations to get things looking and working exactly the way you want. Not a brand new module, just some site-specific adaptations that get you to 100% of what you want.

Being a well-greased part of the Drupal Machine

Hannes Lilljequist 22 June 2010
Type:  Not planned session

This session is an overview of to integrate your module with some of the most powerful parts of the Drupal Machine. We'll take a close look at some these APIs, and how to implement them in your module.

This session is an overview of some of the most powerful points of integration for modules in the Drupal machine. It's aimed at anyone who's developing modules for Drupal, weather they're public projects on d.o or custom modules for a private project. The goal is to give you a new set of tools for leveraging some of the most powerful features and subsystems in Drupal, and to provide all the information you need to learn more on your own.

We'll will start out with a short recap of some basics principles and methods for developing Drupal modules: