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Scaling your Drupal Application, Data and Business with Microsoft Windows Azure

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Microsoft is no stranger to the OSS community these days. Come learn about Microsoft’s new investments in PHP interoperability, and how this benefits the Drupal community. You can grow your Drupal app onto Windows Azure - Microsoft’s Cloud Computing platform – which provides a comprehensive set of online service. Learn how you can plug and play into these rich set of services. You’ll also learn how your business can grow through our Microsoft programs such as WebsiteSpark and PinPoint.

There are multiple ways to scale your Drupal application and business with cloud computing. The first is being able to horizontally scaling your computing power. The second is being able to leverage the scale that you can get with cloud based data services and content delivery networks (CDN). Imagine taking advantage of all of that on a platform that can place your application in front of hundreds of thousands of potential new customers…