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Communicating Drupal visually

Heather James 16 June 2010
Type:  Session in official program

Calling all Drupal artists! This is a hands-on workshop. We'll review guidelines for designing visuals for learning. Then we'll create visual representations of fundamental concepts of Drupal.

Session goal: The goal of this session is to create informative visuals to assist in Drupal adoption.

Introduction: There is a presentation renaissance happening, and people are leaving the old tired bullet points behind. But there is a lack of useful visuals for Drupal. If you write documentation for your modules; if you present proposals to potential clients; if you deliver training, you find you need compelling visuals for your ideas.

Additional Presenters:  Stella Power

How to Keep Content from Ruining your Content Management System

Crystal Williams 27 May 2010
Type:  Not planned session

It's a CONTENT Management System... so why do we (and our clients) so often ignore the content until the last second? Learn to read the signs early and get more sites launched on time by managing the content and not just the code.

We've all seen the pattern.

Designer cleverly fills in the boxes, design looks great, client approves design, developers implement the design, site is ready to launch once we get those boxes filled in with the real conte..... What do you mean you don't have anything to go there?

As much as we love the code, great sites live and die by their content. Unfortunately, many sites are still designed and built assuming "something" will fill in the boxes. That's no way to treat your users!

Learn how to incorporate content-centric thinking into your process and: