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Tips and Tricks for Scalable and Stable Drupal Websites

Code & Development

Tips and Tricks for Scalable and Stable Drupal Websites

45 minutes (+15 minutes Q&A)



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One power-feature of Drupal is flexibility. You can take what's already made by others and create your "own" version of the system.

Having the experience on more than 250 developed projects and always exceeding our clients' highest expectations, we have identified absolutely-must-have modules fitted for different types of sites, and to benefit your customer with the full extent of this great CMS.

Also, our in-house research has shown there are many small enhancements that can make a big difference.
In this session we plan to share our most valuable tips and tricks, to help you build exceptionally scalable and remarkable stable Drupal websites. We'll make sure to have enough time during the session, so you could share your own tips for improvement.

Propeople team